COVID-19 STATEMENT: If you are ill or have been in contact with someone self-isolating due suspected corona virus we would expect you NOT to continue with the booking (booking T&Cs apply). The Lashologist has implemented PPE guidelines to follow to protect you and the therapist. We ask you to take PPE direction from the therapist before treatment commences. If the therapist considers at the time of the booking that they are at risk of infection they will refuse treatment. Important: If treatment is refused due to possible COVID-19 contamination self-employed therapists will have to self-isolate for 14-days, so we politely ask that if you have any doubt as to your personal medical condition you cancel your treatment prior to the booking (booking T&Cs apply)

Your privacy is important to The Lashologist. The information you have provided will remain strictly private and confidential, will only be used by us as agreed and will not be disclosed to any third party. By providing The Lashologist with this Medical Information and Consent Form you are consenting to us processing your details in order to provide our Services to you. I confirm that I have read and accept The Lashologist's Terms and Conditions of Services which can be found at I confirm that the information I have given above is true and accurate and to the best of my knowledge. I will always notify us of any future changes to my health as soon as possible and in any event before any booked treatments. I have not withheld any medical information from The Lashologist which may affect any Treatment or Services I receive.


To ensure clients and therapists are protected under government Covid-19 guidelines these are our booking and treatment requirements.


1.    The client will be required to complete a medical consent and required Covid-19 track and trace form and emailed to
[email protected] before the
date of the booking.  These forms will be emailed to the booked therapist ready for the booking date.


2.       When the therapist arrives the requirements will be a room or space away from any other members of the household.


3.       The therapist will be wearing mask (for all treatments) or face shield , disposable gloves and apron (for manicure and pedicure).


4.       The therapist will not supply towels.  Please ensure your own towel/s or a cover to keep you warm during treatments such as massage.


5.       No food or drink except bottled water in the treatment area.


6.      Before treatment commences he client will be required to wear a mask.  We can supply these at £2 per mask.   Guests will be requested to
wash hands and the therapist will apply hand sanitiser.


7.      The therapist will as the client if they have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 or that has signs of symptoms of Covid-19 such as a
fever, cough,
sore throat or any other symptoms related to possible Covid-19 infection within the last 14 days.   If the answer is yes, the
therapist will refuse treatment.