Aftercare The Lashologist4Information for eyelash extension aftercare as follows:-

IMPORTANT:- If you experience any discomfort, redness or swelling around the eye within a 12 to 48 hours after the eyelash extension application procedure you might have an allergic reaction.  Please call 07880 653076 for advice immediately.  See our Trouble Shooting Page.

You will be responsible for the general care of your eyelash extensions and that means a maintenance procedure is required to keep the eyelash extensions looking thick and full.

o   Try not to get lashes wet in the first few hours of application.

o   Do not steam face, swim or wash face with hot water for a couple of days after treatment.

o   Do not rub eyes when washing face, always pat dry after cleansing.

o   Do not use the sauna or a face steamer on a regular basis.

o   Do not perm or curl your eyelash extensions.

o   Eyelash tinting and perming should be done prior to lash application.

o   There is no requirement to use any mascara after application of lash extensions.

o   When using an eye make-up remover try to avoid an oil-based remover.

o    Do not pick or pull your extensions as they may cause removal of natural lashes. Natural eyelash shedding cycle is 60 to 90 days so eyelash extensions will drop out with your natural lashes. Or, you can have them professionally removed at the salon if you decide not to have infills.

o   For eyelid hygiene please ensure that you keep the eyelid and eyelash line clean.