About Eyelash lifts

Eyelash lift and perm Norwich, NorfolkSounding like a medical procedure, an eyelash lift is the next best eyelash treatment after eyelash extensions for eyelash enhancement.  For those who do not like, or have time for eyelash extensions application the lash lift can give a prominent curl to any size or eyelash shape and by adding a black tint at the end of the treatment process will add more definition to your eyes.

In addition, an eyelash lift helps those with very straight lashes to produce a curl before eyelash extensions are applied.  This helps to set the extension into a natural curve.

How it works: The treatment takes about an hour and up to one hour 15 minutes with the tint.  The treatment lasts up to two to three months depending on your eyelash shedding cycle.

The process entails lash lift curlers (silcon half-moon shaped rods) being applied with a cosmetic glue to the top of the eyelids and the natural lashes being forced around the curler.  The perm solution is then applied and left to process for 15 to 20 minutes depending on the strength of the lash hair.  The fixing solution is then applied and left for 15 minutes.  The eyelash tint is then applied, if requested, and after 10 minutes is removed.  At the end of this relaxing treatment your eyelashes will have a curl, be defined with the colour of a tint and will look astonishingly full.

Your normal mascara can be applied, but if you have one of those make-up free days your wonderfully curly lashes will give your eyes a distinct look without lashing of mascara.  For lash lift prices.