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Eyelash extension history

Eyelash extension historyIf you like some of the really old silent movies whereby the main girl flutters long and full lashes these might have well been one of the first false eyelash cosmetics. The credit appears to go the Hollywood director D W Griffiths who wanted actress, Seena Owen ( pictured) to have long lashes that brushed her cheeks to make her eyes look larger than life in the 1916 film ‘Intolerance’. The first false eyelashes were made from human hair woven into wig making gauze and Seena Owen got a set attached to her eyelids and the process was applied to many screen actresses in film productions from then on.  Here is a little eyelash extension history.

Generally false eyelashes were not that popular until the 1930s when women became more interested in beauty products and make-up and by the 1960s when the trend was big eye make-up was in fashion the false strip lashes became really popular.

Strip lashes and mascara have been the way to enhance lashes until the eyelash extension procedure technique was introduced. After doing a little digging it appears that the Korean’s take the prize for invention whereby it is claimed that a Koren Strip-Lash-Eyelash company came up with the idea to recycle unused fake strip lashes in early 2000, although some references are made to the Japanese being the creators.

Eyelash extensions are like hair extensions, they add thickness, length and fullness to natural lashes.  A single synthetic eyelash extension made of polyester is applied to existing natural eyelashes with surgical- grade glue. Extensions come in various lengths, thickness and colours and takes between 90 to 120 minutes for a full set to be applied depending on the look required. The procedure is to apply one synthetic eyelash to a single natural lash hence giving the natural lash an extended look.  The synthetic eyelashes will drop off with the natural eyelash with the natural hair growth/shedding cycle which is around 60 to 90 days and eyelash in-fills can be applied to fill in the gaps in around 3 to 4 weeks.

There are many techniques for lash extensions and new to the market like hair extensions is the use of real hair eyelash extensions. Not to be confused with real animal hair that some technicians use especially in Asian countries.