Eyebrow Lamination

Eyebrow Lamination became increasingly popular by the end of 2019.  It has been available in the US since 2018.  It was created by the eyelash and eyebrow gurus, the Russian’s

For those with thinning eyebrows it’s a brilliant alternative to microblading for cost or apprehension about a more clinical and permanent micropigmentation treatment.  The treatment is great for those with unruly eye brows that have a problem of irregular hair growth direction.  It can also offer a feathery and bushy look for those clients that like a more fashionable up to date Vogue eyebrow look. It will keep the brows in place for up to six weeks.

The process and products are exactly the same as an eyelash lift and tint.    The procedure is of course a 48-hour product patch test prior to treatment first as part as the client’s consultation as to how they would like their brows to look.   On the day the treatment will take just 45 minutes using the fast and perfect Rectocil eyelash lift product.    The procedure for the eyebrow lamination is thoroughly clean and brush the brows first, then set the hairs with a little of the normal curler lift glue.  Do get the client involved at this stage as they will want to direct you in the shape they require. One style doesn’t suit all.   Next step lightly apply the perm solution and cover with the brow will a little plastic film to keep them in place.  After eight minutes remove the film and gently remove the perm solution.  Now the fixer cream is applied in the same way and process time is five minutes.  The brows are cleaned and the tint is then applied.  The brows are then waxed and trimmed.  This is where styling of the brow has to be completed and the client has to be involved in this, as they’ll want the final look to be to their satisfaction.

Like eyelash lifts the brows will need repeat treament around six weeks.

The cost of the Eyebrow Lamination treatment is £38 the same as the eyelash lift and tint.  Consultations and treatment can be booked online.

Eyebrow Lamination Before Treatment
Eyebrow lamination before treatment.
Eyebrow Lamination Norwich
Eyebrow Lamination After Treatment