RefectoCil Eyelash Lift

I have been providing eyelash lifts for nearly 10-years trying several different brands within this time.  All these brands have been successful and all take about 60 minutes treatment time.  My interest piqued when I found a new product on the market that can cut the processing time down by 30 minutes.  The brand claiming this is RefectoCil Eyelash Lift.  To ensure the claims about the perfect lift and a reduced time were true I need to substantiate this by getting a model in to trial this. 

My guinea pig Lucy has long eyelashes, she has had lash lifts with me before, but always insists I do not produce a tight curl as she finds it difficult to apply mascara.  With this in mind I start the process by cleaning her lashes and around the eyes as I normally do.  I then apply an eyelash extension pad to hold down the lower lashes to ensure that some lashes don’t sneak through and get lifted – we don’t need that! 

I’m ready to continue with the treatment and the RefectoCil Eyelash Lift instructions are at the ready.  There are three different size curlers in the pack – small, medium and large.  Even though Lucy’s lashes are long I consider I need to try the medium curler as most of my clients have lashes suitable for this size curler and I want to see what a medium lift would look like.   The glue in the pack is applied to both sides of the curlers and positioned on the eyelids.  I then proceed to apply Lucy’s lashes to the curler.  I’m finding the glue dries too quickly not allowing me to straighten any crossed-over lashes.  I do struggle with this.  After a little rearranging of the lashes I’m ready to apply the perm solution.  The instruction is to add a pea-sized amount of perm product to the little dish supplied and to then apply the product to the lashes with the brush supplied.    I wait the required 8 minutes for the solution processing.  After this time I notice that the eyelashes are starting to come-away from the curlers.  I clean the perm solution from the lashes and then have to reapply the glue to continue with the fixing process.    This done I apply the fixing solution and wait the required 5 minute processing time.  After this I clean the lashes and remove the curlers. 

The result is great and the curl is not tight.  I then add a blue/black tint and Lucy is delighted with the result.  Total treatment time for this lash lift and tint was 45 minutes.    Current treatment time – one hour 15 minutes.

My opinion of the product is fantastic.  However, the glue is problematical and will take a little time getting used to (I might continue to use the salon systems glue), and I do prefer the curlers I currently use.    Also, there’s no lash conditioner included in the pack. Apart from this the final outcome from this product is excellent.

The cost of a lash lift with me continues to be £30 and with a tint £38. An eyelash lift last between 6 to 8 weeks depending on the state of the natural eyelash growth and shedding.