Lashforce Stockist

Without doubt Lash Force get results and is the most reasonably priced eyelash growth serum I have trialed.  It was brought to my attention by a regular eyelash lift client who too had been looking for a lash growth serum that actually worked.  She has straight hair and had short lashes a feature of her oriental origin.  She came to me when she had been using the serum for two-weeks and asked if I could see any change to the length of her lashes.  At that time there were still short and I still had to use a medium curler for the lift.  Two-months later she returned and I couldn’t believe the difference in her lash growth, she went up to a large curler for her next lash lift treatment. I then bought the serum to use myself and noticed my lashes had more volume in three-weeks and they remain fuller than they were before.  I haven’t seen a huge increase in length but I’m really happy with the volume as they look terrific with an eyelash lift.  When ordering my stock of Lash Force I was told by the supplier the feed-back from Lash Force use was the younger users had seen significant lash growth and the mature users found they obtained more volume.  I was also advised of good results on brow hair growth too, although I have yet to try this.

I have been very critical of any lash serum that has been spiked with prostaglandin analogues an element used in glaucoma medication drops as research has shown that long-term use of these serums can be extremely harmful to the health of the eye.  The Lash Force supplier has assured this serum is organic and has been dermatologically and ophthalmologist tested.

The serum comes in a tube not dissimilar to that of mascara.  It has a fine brush that applies the serum along the lash line as you would apply eyeliner.  When first commencing treatment the must be applied morning and evening to get the lash growth started. Thereafter the serum can be applied less regularly.

I recommend Lash Force as growth conditioner for eyelash extension wearers when having a rest from treatment.  For me, Lash Force has worked and my eyelashes have thickened and they look great with an eyelash lift.

I’m now stocking the serum in the salon so if you want to get your hands on a supply immediately just pop in and see us at Mistique in Norwich.  The cost is £35 and the serum lasts for up to three-months if you are serious about keeping those lashes looking lush.

Pop into the salon and get your supply.